It All Starts With Operations

It is important that businesses lay the right foundations on operations and ensure that the business runs efficiently and drive results. Jon brings his experience and expertise on these topics to help organizations grow through keynotes, workshops, and trainings.

Keynote 3 Ways to Lighten the Load

Entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners are all strapped for two things – time and money. EVERY business owner can maximize both by aligning actions with results, removing the roadblocks, and getting out of their own way!

Learning Outcomes

Workshop or Keynote Building the Right Foundation

No matter how good a product, service, or idea is…When it comes to building a business, the foundation needs to be set. That foundation is set on the organization’s internal operations to make sure that the company, its owners, its people, and its assets are protected. Companies will risk growth, success, and even their business by not setting the operational foundation.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Full-day Worksop Building the right Foundation

The full-day workshop builds off the same concepts as the other workshop but does a deeper dive into 7-10 elements that every startup and small business has to face at some point in their development and growth. Jon brings together other subject matter experts to deliver high-end content as a crash course on starting and running a business.

Associations and Nonprofits

Businesses are businesses whether nonprofit or for-profit. Its just a matter of whether they pay income taxes. Jon’s experience and leadership began in the association world. The concepts of efficient operations and change apply just as much to associations as startups and small businesses. Jon presents on the business-related topics for associations but also leads trainings, talks, and workshops on leadership, chapter operations, succession planning, and more!
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